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Southwest Cheeseā€¦ Leader in Cheese and Whey Protein Manufacturing

Southwest Cheese Company LLC is one of the largest and most successful cheese and whey protein manufacturers in the world. Born from a dairy industry joint venture between Glanbia plc and the Greater Southwest Agency, Inc., Southwest Cheese has grown to become a leading manufacturer of nutritious cheese and whey protein ingredients that help feed the world. Our customers are among the top global food processing companies, receiving the highest quality, best-value dairy products available in the dairy industry today.

Since our beginning in October, 2006, our food business has operated a state-of-the-art cheese and whey manufacturing facility. Southwest Cheese operates according to current good manufacturing practices and strict standard operating procedures in two modern facilities that are controlled environments.

Southwest Cheeses processes over 3.8 billion pounds of milk, and produces in excess of 388 million pounds of superior block cheese and 29.1 million pounds of high value-added whey proteins powders each year. Our facility generates sales in national and international markets and employs a first-rate workforce of over 300 employees.

Located in the high plains of eastern New Mexico, Southwest Cheese is surrounded by some of the best dairy and agricultural lands in the United States. This ideal location allows us to partner with local dairy farmers to receive the best milk available for our products. These milk producers are an invaluable resource to Southwest Cheese, and are the lifeblood of our company.