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Dairy Industry Leaders Join Together to Form Southwest Cheese

Southwest Cheese Company is the result of a unique joint venture between Glanbia plc and Dairy Farmers of America, Inc. (DFA), Select Milk Producers Inc., and the remaining dairy cooperative members of the Greater Southwest Agency, Inc.. This venture is 50 percent owned by Glanbia plc, with the balance primarily owned by DFA and Select Milk Producers.

Why A Joint Venture?

DFA and Select Milk Producers markets much of the milk produced in eastern New Mexico. However, prior to the creation of Southwest Cheese, much of the milk supply was being transported as far as California, Idaho, Florida and the Midwest due to a lack of local processing capacity. Concurrently, Glanbia was looking for opportunities to expand their cheese and whey protein operations in the United States.

Glanbia's expertise in the development and operation of large scale, efficient facilities for the production of high-quality dairy-based products, teamed with the quality milk produced in the area, provided the winning combination for the creation of Southwest Cheese.

Learn more about our parent companies

Glanbia PLC
Dairy Farmers of America
Select Milk Producers
Greater Southwest Agency, Inc.