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Making Progress

We have recently published our second Sustainability Report, summarizing our sustainability strategy and updates on our achieved goals since our first report, published in 2012. We are proud of the progress we have made across all our targets. Our pledge to improve Glanbia’s sustainability today and into the future is robust and authentic. We haven’t let up, and we won’t.

The 2015 US Cheese Sustainability Report focuses on sustainability issues deemed most material to our employees, customers, stakeholders and US Cheese as a business. Our comprehensive approach to sustainability is based on five key elements: operational excellence, collaborative innovation, environmental responsibility, commitment to supporting dairy producers and the dairy industry, and commitment to supporting our employees and local communities. The report highlights our significant progress since our last report, and also our remaining challenges.

2015 Report Highlights
  • Reduction in electricity consumption
  • Reduction in natural gas consumption
  • Reduction in overall carbon footprint
  • Increase in truck fleet fuel efficiency
  • Major reductions in Lost-Time and Total Recordable injuries
  • 100% FARM animal welfare program certification
  • Continued unblemished record of zero air emissions violations
  • Increases in water, wastewater, and chemical use, from the addition of water-intensive new products
  • Important new innovations that answer the needs of our customers and the wider marketplace, leveraging our whey innovation center and new cheese innovation center

After reading this report, we hope you will have a good sense of our commitment; our heritage of stewardship; our strong environmental, health and safety performance; and our sustainable growth model.